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Name: Lisa Pye

Position: The Auntie in Auntie's!

Length of Service: - 10 years

My Story

I always wanted a bulldog and when the opportunity arose I got one! Working from home I could give my dog the care and attention it required but my job changed, I was out all day and having to leave my beloved Bomber at home alone. Dog walkers didn’t exist back then and I started looking online to see what services were out there that could help me. My research took me to Doggie Daycares in America and I fell in love with the bright fun looking centres that were run like a nursery. I realised that there was a gap in the market and decided to take a great leap of faith and leave my job of 15yrs at Slimming World to embark on my career working with dogs. My ambition was to have my very own Doggie Daycare Centre.

I knew working with dogs would be very different from owning one so I started as a dog walker and home boarder learning my craft. After 7 years I moved into my very own centre and now after 10yrs I have three!

My business has grown enormously over the last 10yrs but the fundamentals have and will never change. Aunties is always about the dogs and we are very lucky we get to look after so many beautiful ones.

The one thing I love about my role now is that I get to train and mentor my staff. Being able to impart the knowledge I have learn over the years and seeing them learn and grow in their roles is my greatest accomplishment.

Favourite Breed and Why
Bulldogs – Very charismatic and fantastic characters.

One word to sum up Aunties

Name: Alex Bartlett

Position: Daycare Leader

Length of Service: – 6mths

My Story
When I got my dog Marley I become greatly interested in learning about dogs and their behaviour. I’ve always loved dogs so I decide to change my career completely and apply for a job that would be rewarding and bring me lots of new memories. 

Favourite Breed and Why
Picking just one is hard because I love all breeds for different reasons. I would have to pick the terrier group. I own a terrier, they are full of personality & energy.

One word to sum up Aunties

Name: Francesca Dunkley

Position: Daycare Leader

Length of Service: -  2 years (Daycare Leader 1 year)

My Story
We bought our family dog Pippa as a therapy dog and attended training classes held at Aunties Doggie Daycare. I loved the training classes and the setting and asked the owner ‘Auntie Lisa’ if it was possible to do some volunteering. As I was only 16 I was not allowed to work in the Daycare but Aunties Lisa suggested speaking to her Spa Supervisor to see if Dog Grooming would appeal to me and it did! I started working in the Grooming Spa learning how to bath and dry the dogs, watching the Groomers perform their magic! After volunteering for 6 months I was offered a position as a Spa Apprentice which I was delighted to accept. Once I was old enough to work in the Daycare I helped cover on occasion and started to realise that’s where my passion lied. I have been working in the Daycare for nearly a year now and I have loved every minute.

Favourite Breed and Why
Beagles – Because they are cheeky!

One word to sum up Aunties


OUR MISSION: To provide a stimulating, dog friendly environment with informed fully trained staff, capable of providing a range of services to dogs and their owners.