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Daycare and Puppy Club

At Auntie’s Doggy Daycare we recognise that people have busy lives and that the health and wellbeing of their dogs is important to them. Aunties Doggie Daycare is about removing the anxiety of having to leave your dog home alone whilst you spend a long day at work, then have to come home and exercise them.

What is Doggie Daycare?

At Auntie’s Doggie Daycare we provide a high quality daycare service for your dog in our customised daycare facility between Monday and Friday each week* (*excluding public holidays and centre holidays).
Dogs naturally socialise together and gain a lot of stimulation from interacting with each other. Providing this is done in a professional and sympathetic manner, dogs can learn canine etiquette (doggie manners!) and are soon enjoying rewarding days at daycare.
To enable us to provide safe, stimulating care, Aunties Doggie Daycare has some “School Rules” that must be adhered to for not only the safety your dog but also our other dogs and staff. These rules include neutering (Puppy club members do not require neutering due to age)  and inoculation requirements as well as an assessment of behavioural tendencies.

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What are the facilities?

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We have a large exercise arena, rest area's and multiple areas for different activities.

The large exercise arena has, agility equipment, slides, climbing frames tunnels and much much more to ensure your dog has a fun packed day.

Our rest area's are the pawfect place to rest and chill.

The centre is open from 7.00am to satisfy the needs of those who need to get to work and is open until 6.30pm for collections.

On a daily basis activities are organised to stimulate the dogs and these range from general play to treasure hunts and puzzle games and even Doggy Birthday Party's .

Puppy Club

A specially designed day care service for your young pup (12 weeks to 24 weeks)  to learn the skills they need around other dogs. This is the perfect stepping stone to full doggie daycare.

Puppies are able to start as soon as they have completed their vaccination courses and have been cleared to mix with other dogs by your vet, this is usually around 12 weeks. 

They are given special care by our team, allowing times for meals and naps as required and we provide the pawfect environment for them to grow and socialise.

From playing with other puppies, they are gradually introduced to other day care dogs to experience as much as possible and get them fully socialised.

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How do I join?

There are conditions that your dog must meet before we can send you an application form:

  • Your dog must be neutered over 6 months old
  • Your dog must have fully up to date vaccinations
  • Your dog must attend at least once per week* (regular holidays accepted)
  • You must have owned your dog for at least six months if an adult dog

 If you are happy to meet all these conditions the process is as follows:

STEP 1: Get in touch by calling 01772 323850 or use the contact form

STEP 2: Complete the application form and return it to us

STEP 3: We will arrange for you to come along and meet us and let your dog have a taster day

STEP 4: After a full day of meeting new pals and playing we will let you know how they get on and your dog will be welcomed to the Aunties Doggie Daycare family.


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