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Who is Auntie?

“Auntie Lisa” is the affectionate name our customers have for Lisa Pye, the Founder of Aunites Doggy Daycare.

The business was started from home in 2008 with just a small number of dogs including her very own English bulldog, Bomber. It was soon apparent that doing this from home was, as the business began to expand, not practical so we moved our dog sitter service into commercial premises and added a Dog Grooming Salon and a dedicated Dog Shop.
As the business has developed it has never moved away from its four core values which it holds true to this day:

1. The health and happiness of your dog is as important to us as it is to you
2. Our Daycare is a welcoming, safe and enjoyable place for your dog to socialise
3. Our Grooming and Spa services, the techniques employed and products we use, are designed with the comfort and health of your dog considered central to our approach
4. The products we sell in our boutique provide value for money and we pride ourselves in understanding them and being able to offer sound advice on those most suitable for your dog.