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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If there are big dogs in daycare will my little dog be safe?
A. Yes, we have all shapes and sizes in Daycare! We thoroughly vet every dog to ensure our Daycare environment is suitable for them.

Q. Are all staff employed and what qualifications do they hold regarding the welfare and handling of dogs?
A. Yes, all our staff are employed and complete a 4 week in house Daycare Leader training programme based on practical and theoretical teaching.

Q. What happens if my dog gets ill or injured while at daycare?
A. Your dog will be removed and assessed. If we feel your dog needs immediate veterinary attention we would contact you and if necessary take them straight to your vet. All our staff our Canine First aiders as well to enable us to assess and treat accordingly.

Q. Is space available for my dog to rest at daycare?
A. Yes, we have 2 rest areas for puppies and adult dogs.  Whilst they are resting we have special music for dogs to aid a restful sleep.

Q. Will you feed my dog while they are at daycare?
A. We do not feed adult dogs but do feed our puppy club members as per your instructions.

Q. While in daycare what activities will my dog be involved in?
A. We have a variety of activities including lots of play pits that include sand, sawdust and paper. We also have themed days such as Howl’ween and our famous Christmas Jumper Pawty.

Q. How are dogs controlled and disciplined while in daycare?
A. All our Daycare Leaders are trained in Dog Management skills and they practice leaderships skills and cues with the dogs on a daily basis.

Q. If my dog is nervous or unsure how are they integrated into the pack?
A. We insist on a taster day for your dog to see if Daycare is right for them. We ask you to arrive at 7am before the other dogs arrive so we can gradually introduce your dog to our other dogs. This enables us to ensure your dog is kept as calm and happy as possible.

Q. How and when is my dog toileted while at daycare?
A. We have a toilet area in Daycare which is kept clean and fresh all day.

Q. Are all daycare dogs walked?
A. We do not walk our dogs, we are an activity centre that not only provides exercise for the four paws but for the dogs mind as well.

Q. If my dog attends daycare and requires medication will a member of staff give it to them?
A. All our staff are Canine First Aiders so they can administer any medication needed.

Q. Is it safe for dogs to be playing on equipment? 
A. All our play equipment is safe for the dogs to play on and no equipment is higher than 3ft high. The playing equipment, as well as great fun for the dogs to climb and run through, provides safe areas to retreat between bouts of play and games.

Q. When my dog attends their first day of daycare will I be kept informed of their progress? 
A. On dropping your dog off for their taster day we will ask you how you want to be contacted.  We will call you at dinner time to let you know how they are doing. We also do a piece on our Facebook page introducing them to their new Daycare pals.

Q. If I bring my dog for grooming and their coat is matted what will happen?
A. In the event that your pets coat needs to be clipped down to release it from matting we would explain the procedure to you and the possible risks involved. You would be asked to sign a consent form confirming you understand what we have explained to you and we would talk you through how to prevent it happening again.

Q. What experience do the grooming staff have on my dog’s breed? 
A. Because the nature of our core business, Doggie Daycare, our groomers get to groom a wide variety of breeds.

Q. Can I ask for and be provided with a show groom in the Auntie’s Spa? 
A. Our groomers are City & Guilds Level 3 Qualified Dog Groomers and are trained to breed standard.  Dogs that are being shown in dog shows will need to be on a tight grooming schedule to keep the show look.  Our Groomers would be more than happy to discuss this with you. All grooms are priced competitively to reflect the time and expertise required.

Q. Whilst my dog is on your premises how can I be assured of its security?   
A. We take the security of the dogs in our care very seriously. Only fully trained team members are allowed in the Daycare and Spa areas.  We have airlock systems around our building to ensure no dog can escape.  Dogs can only be collected by authorised persons.  No unauthorised personnel are allowed to wander around the building. 

Q. My dog is quite old can he/she still be groomed? 
A. We groom a few older dogs and allow extra time during the groom for the dog to take rests.  Please when booking an appointment mention the age of your dog and any concerns about their health.

Q. How often should I get my dog groomed? 
A. It all depends on the breed of dog you have and what grooming style you like to keep your dog.
Most of our customers are on a 6-8 week grooming schedule. Our grooming staff would be happy to consult with you on the best grooming cycle for your dog.