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Training our Staff

Here at Auntie’s we are proud of our staff and the role they play in enhancing the quality of life and enjoyment that out daycare members and spa customers get in our facility.

All our staff are employed and we maintain a high dogs to people ratio designed to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all those in attendance. If we ever do have volunteers or interns they are never included in our staffing ratios.

Many of our staff come to us with backgrounds in other Animal Welfare qualifications including City and Guilds, college and university courses but in addition to this all our staff are trained full in house.

The business has developed over its years of operating, a bespoke in-house training programme that has both practical and theoretical elements. All staff members who work at Auntie’s must undertake and pass the course to become a full time member of staff.

So successful has this training been in enhancing our staff’s understanding of the animals they work with and the contribution it has made to continually enhancing the service, that Auntie’s is now offering this course to other existing or prospective daycare owners. Details of the course can be found at www.doggiedaycaretraining.co.uk.

In addition to this all staff are fully trained in Canine First Aid.
OUR MISSION: To provide a stimulating, dog friendly environment with informed fully trained staff, capable of providing a range of services to dogs and their owners.